Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mrs. B.'s Amateur Commentary on the Vice Presidential Debate

Well, well, well.  I must confess that up until tonight I had thought that President Obama was perhaps the most arrogant, childish person on the planet, but I think I've changed my mind.  After viewing tonight's Ryan/Biden debate, I submit that his VP has earned this honor, hands down.  Congratulations, Joe!

Let's just review the Veep's performance for a moment, shall we:  Snarky laughter, interruption, shaking head, interruption, snarky laughter, rude comment, interruption, snarky laughter (with melodramatic, upraised hands), nervous head-shaking, lie, lie, lie, and interruption.  It seems that many respondents to post-debate polls are referring to Mr. Biden as "boorish," "rude," and "a general buffoon."

Gee... ya' THINK?!

Sometimes I think that perhaps I am judging the President and his Veep too harshly when, in quiet, sober moments of political reflection, I inevitably regard them as two whining, spoiled, childish brats.

Really, though, that's too silly of me.  On the contrary, I have been far too gracious.