Monday, September 3, 2012

When the "Bugs" Bite

There are lots of things that bug me.  Reality television, for example, drives me nuts.  I would prefer to be tied to the scooping end of a bulldozer digging up cow manure than to view most of the reality entertainment on television any given weekday evening.  Hominy is something else that I find repulsive.  I was forced to eat these sad, swampy, mustard-colored chunks as a child, and I only succeeded by remembering that the brussel sprouts the night before were exponentially worse.  It would also be no stretch to say that I am greatly annoyed by drivers who are texting.  Aside from the obvious fact that they are in the process of endangering my life, I just find that I have no patience for a subculture that cannot get off of social media for three minutes at a stretch.

But if there's anything that really, really grates me, it is this:  Women who claim to speak on behalf of the entire feminine population.  I often wonder why they didn't bother to consult me before sharing my apparent opinion with the entire civilized world.  

And so, in light of this admission, all I can say is this:  Thank you, featured women speakers at the Republican National Convention, for making me unashamed to be a woman for a change.

I don't normally "get political," but I find that every four years there are a number of featured women on news programs and other media outlets claiming to understand what I must "want from the government," simply because they share with me a particular set of reproductive organs.  I hate to break it to them, but I also have a brain.  And this may be a bit of a stunner, but I am fairly adept at using it.  In other words, I can think for myself.  It just so happens that when I do this thinking, I often find myself at odds with these women who would otherwise claim my concurrence. 

You see, as a woman, I am bothered by the fact that our government has now acquired over sixteen trillion dollars of debt, and that the current administration seems to have great difficulty with remedial calculations.  That bugs me.  I am also bothered by the fact that I may not have control over my own health care and that the leaders of our country seem to think I need them to decide upon this for me.  That bugs me.  I am furthermore bothered by the fact that I am being offered complete and unimpeded access to the barbarous practice of abortion, and that this should be something that I find comforting and celebratory since I am, after all, a woman.  That bugs me (especially as the mother of an adopted child).  

So I was greatly relieved and proud to view women at the RNC speaking boldly, eloquently, and intelligently about these same things.  They were women, just like me, yet they were not claiming to speak for me.  These particular women -- of every race and background -- were speaking for themselves and sharing their desires for our nation.  And they were sharing these passions because they have thought long and hard about it, and they believe our country is on a road to disaster.  I happen to agree with them. 

I really do not mean any disrespect to the current administration of this country, who holds a position of due honor.  I am simply diametrically opposed, at heart, to everything he has done.  I also do not mean any disrespect to women who happen to support the current administration.  Again, I am simply diametrically opposed to their viewpoint.  But I have known many of them over the years, and some of them are exceedingly dear to my heart, women of honor.

I'm just so glad to finally, finally hear women in positions of leadership and authority, making me glad to stand with them.  It's an honor, truly.  And it's not like it's a dishonor to stand with the men.  That's an honor, too.

But they never dress as well. 

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